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Rashmi Rastogi
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MD Alternative medicine)

Dr. D.N.Dubey (Naturopath)

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Red Mushrooms Ancient Science, Modern Miracle

What are Red Mushrooms?

Red Mushrooms (scientific name: Ganoderma Lucidum or generally called "Ganoderma"), a family of more than 200 mushroom species, are good for us. Of these, 6 species have a particularly high therapeutic effect.

Amazing Facts about Ganoderma

  • Known for centuries as the "Miraculous King of Herbs" , that has a traceable consumption record of more than 2,000 years. Up to these days, health miracles are still happening ...and even a more drastic effect !

  • Ganoderma is the only herb with more than 200 active elements . They develop naturally as a food supplement for a healthy body.

  • Ganoderma has five highly therapeutic active elements that work in synergy to correct cell imbalances, detoxify the body and strengthen its natural immune system. They exist all together naturally only in red mushrooms.

  • Ganoderma has an adaptogenic property that works directly on every cell of the human body to provide oxygen and therapeutic elements that correct cell imbalances. Thus, strengthening the cell membranes so the cells will not take in new toxins (environmental and food pollutants) . An adult body is made up of approximately 40 Trillion cells. If the cells are healthy, the body which is a bundle of cells will definitely be healthy and free from diseases.

  • Ganoderma inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide while growing like human beings. So, when we take it, we add good quantity pure oxygen to our bodies.

  • Ganoderma is "Nature's Best Gift to Modern Humans" . Normally, Ganoderma grows very rare in the forest. Yet, it has a million micro spores (dormant reproductive cells) that never functioned to massively reproduce before the invention of technology in our modern age. Only technology activates those spores to reproduce one Ganoderma specie into a million members of the same Ganoderma species. This process is more than enough to continuously feed and sustain the demand for humans all over the world. "Ganoderma is the perfect health manna".

  • Ganoderma works directly on the body (not on any disease), thus making it possible for the body to treat the "root cause" of diseases (that starts from body cells) including those believed to be incurable, chronic or lifetime and recurrent.

  • Ganoderma can be taken long-term without the fear of developing a tolerance to its effects.

  • Ganoderma is not a drug and it has no side effects . Anyone from all age groups can take it safely.

Historical Background

  • For over 2000 years, the Chinese have given Ganoderma, or what they call Lingzhi , the highest ranking in traditional medical theory. The name Ling Zhi means "Divine herb that energizes the Chi or Life force" . The first Chinese Emperor Chin Shi Huang Ti even called it the "Herb of Deathlessness" .

  • The Emperors of the ancient period respected the mushroom so much that they have given it names like "The Elixir of Immortality" , "Herb of Spiritual Potency" and "Soup of the Emperor with a Thousand Mistresses" .

  • The Japanese name for the red mushroom, Reishi , was taken from Reishi Senshi, "An Ancient Goddess of Health, Life and Eternal Youth" .

  • Today, people still enjoy the health benefits of red mushrooms. Ganoderma is blended into our daily beverages that they had become healthier to drink with excellent taste like the Lingzhi 3-in-1 Coffee, Lingzhi 2-in-1 Black Coffee, Spica Tea, and Cocozhi Chocolate Drink. Other personal care products are also available, like the Ganozhi Soap, Ganozhi Shampoo, Ganozhi Bath Gel, Gano Massage Oil and Ganozhi Toothpaste (no toxic fluoride) . So, consumption is more diverse and convenient for everyone.

The 2 Main Products of Ganoderma

  • Reishi Gano (RG)

Ganocelium (GL)

The 90 day old Red Mushrooms (Matured Ganoderma), contains more than 200 active elements which can be divided into 3 categories: 30% of water soluble elements, 65% of organic soluble elements, and 5% of volatile elements. Five of the main active elements have high therapeutic effects:

  1. Polysaccharides (THE CLEANSER) - strengthen the natural healing ability of the body by improving the body's immune system , and eliminating viruses, bacteria and other toxins .

  2. Organic Germanium (THE BALANCER) - increases the effect of oxygen absorbed by the blood up to 1.5 times, promotes proper cell metabolism and prevents tissue degeneration.

  3. Adenosine (THE REGULATOR) - improves blood circulation by inhibiting blood platelet aggregation and regulates body organs to function properly.

  4. Triterpenoids (THE BUILDER) - activate the nucleus of body cells, which is responsible for directing their growth, metabolism, reproduction and functioning.

  5. Ganoderic Essence (THE REGENERATOR) - rejuvenates body tissues and beautifies skin.

  • Ganocelium (GL)

Reishi Gano (RG)

The 18 day old Red Mushrooms (Young Ganoderma). It is the mycelium (root part) of Ganoderma. The content of Polysaccharide and Organic Germanium in Ganocelium is more concentrated than that of Reishi Gano. It serves also as a source of oxygen.

  1. Polysaccharides - 4 times more than that of RG

  2. Organic Germanium - 4 times more than that of RG

  3. Comprehensive Vitamins - for normal growth & activity of the body

  4. Comprehensive Minerals - essential components of body substances

Some of the Combined RG & GL Benefits

  • Strengthen body resistance to diseases.

  • Provide powerful anti-oxidant.

  • Enhance the body's detoxification process.

  • Promote blood circulation.

  • Increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood - improves brain function and memory.

  • Regulate blood glucose by assisting pancreas functions.

  • Prevent allergic responses by inhibiting the release of histamines.

  • Relieve fatigue by aiding the body to sleep very well.

  • Energize the body by providing vitamins, minerals and active elements.

  • Neutralize acid in the body (i.e. acidic body is prone to diseases)

  • Support the body's natural desire to return to optimal health.

  • Promote youthfulness and longevity .

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