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Rashmi Rastogi
(Authorized Stockist of Toronto)
Phone : 416-332-0948
Email : rrdxn2u@gmail.com,

Health Consultant

Rashmi Rastogi (Reflexologist)

Dr. D.D. Choudhary (MBBS,
MD Alternative medicine)

Dr. D.N.Dubey (Naturopath)

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Product Gallery » Personal Care Series » DXN Toiletries Travel Kit

DXN Toiletries Travel Kit

If you are a frequent traveler, we´ve got a good news for you! DXN Toiletries Travel Kit - A kit of toiletry necessities sets you up when travelling. This kit includes Ganozhi Shampoo 50ml, Ganozhi Body Foam 50ml and Ganozhi Toothpaste 40g. So convenient! Grab one today!

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