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Rashmi Rastogi
(Authorized Stockist of Toronto)
Phone : 416-332-0948
Email : rrdxn2u@gmail.com,

Health Consultant

Rashmi Rastogi (Reflexologist)

Dr. D.D. Choudhary (MBBS,
MD Alternative medicine)

Dr. D.N.Dubey (Naturopath)

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Detoxify and Strengthen Your Immune System
with Red Mushrooms

Is your health as good as it could be? red mushrooms

Among the health products now available to increase your body's natural healing abilities are the humble yet highly therapeutic red 6 mushrooms. Technology has improved the reproductive capacities of the plant so that for the first time, the red 6 mushrooms can be sold in quantities. Is this the health supplement you have been looking for?

Health Food

With more than 200 active elements, the red mushrooms (ganoderma) both detoxifies and boosts the immune system. Find out if this health food supplement is for you. Should there be any other kind of food?

The term health food should be absurd. . .
. . .but it's not.

So much of what we eat is far from healthy. Chemical additives keep food looking good. But the chemicals have no nutritional value and many are harmful to health.

Fight Personal Pollution

Do you know your own personal pollution score?

In the fall of 2007, Environment Defense tested a group that included the leaders of the top three political parties in Ontario, Canada . The three men are well-educated and can afford what we would consider a good lifestyle. Still, they tested positive for 41-44 out of 70 harmful chemicals. Their scores on some scales put them in danger zone for contracting chronic diseases including cancer.

If these powerful men have these toxins in their systems, do you think you are free of personal pollution? Read on...  Polluted Children, Toxic Nation: A Report on Pollution in Canadian Families

Q. How can you fight personal pollution?
A. You get rid of harmful substances, and strengthen your own body's ability to keep you healthy.


Take control of your health by detoxifying your system.

There are many folk remedies that offer detoxification. When you choose one, check to see if it contains polysaccharides. Polysaccharides eliminate viruses, bacteria and toxins.

Restore a natural balance to your internal systems so you can maintain good health.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Your amazing immune system stands on guard to keep you healthy. You can help it by feeding it well.

Provide your body with all the nutrients it needs. Then give it an extra boost by adding ganoderma, or red mushrooms. The active ingredients in Nature's best-kept secret include vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers. The active ingredients work with every single cell in the body to nourish and correct imbalances. Many testify that ganotherapy has improved their own immune systems.

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