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Health Consultant

Rashmi Rastogi (Reflexologist)

Dr. D.D. Choudhary (MBBS,
MD Alternative medicine)

Dr. D.N.Dubey (Naturopath)

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(Some of the body charts are given here to understand
the human body science for Acupresure treatment)

Vertidcal Ten Chennels of the Body

Vertidcal Ten Chennels of the Body

Horizental Three Parts of the Body

Horizental Three Parts of the Body

Reflex Points of Right Foot

Reflex Points of Right Foot

Reflex Points of Left Foot

Reflex Points of Left Foot

Reflex Points of Left Hand
Right Hand
Reflex Points of Right Hand
Left Hand


Local Points of Spine

Points of Spine


Description and Function of Reflex Points on Hand & Foot.


Point 1 : Brain

This is most important part of our body and is like a telephone exchange. The afferent nerves from five senses of touch, hearing, smell, sight and taste take the messages to the brain. The computer in our brain analyses these messages and sends order through efferent nerves to the muscles and the muscles act accordingly. The root cause of diseases such as muscular dystrophy and other diseases of brain / neuron disorder, multiple sclerosis, retardation, meningitis, Parkinson disease, mental breakdown, severe depression, even madness, coma etc. are caused due to damage in the central nervous system.

Point 2 : Mental nerves

Any type of mental disease such as headache, heaviness of head. mental nerve, migraine, hysteria, epilepsy, fits etc.

Point 3 : Pituitary

This is one of the most important gland in the body and sends order to all other glands. This is called the king of all glands. It controls growth of body, Will-Power, eye sight, hearing and discrimination. Malfunctioning of this gland makes body become dwarfish or bulging. Produces mental retardation. Child becomes a bully or a liar and disobedient. It also plays an important function in controlling blood pressure. As this gland and the pineal gland are situated in the head it is harmful to hit the children on the head. If the growth of body and brain is not normal give treatment on Pt. No. 3 in the middle of thumb and big toes to give necessary stimulation.

Point 4 : Pineal

This gland is called queen gland and it acts as an organiser and controller of all glands. In case of failure of pituitary gland this gland works as an alternate. Malfunctioning of this gland leads to high B.P., also awakening of pre mature sex glands resulting in sex delinquency. Moreover it controls potassium / sodium balance in the body. So its malfunctioning leads to excessive retention of fluid in the body. It controls a proper flow of cerebral spinal fluid and thus keeps all the gland and body vitalized strong and healthy. The predominance of this gland generates a sense of sublimity-helping men grow into saint hood with divine qualities.

Point 5 : Brain Nerves

This point gives relief in headache, migraine, Pain in brain nerves, thighs, eyebrows etc.

Point 6 : Throat

This helps in the root choking, tonsillitis, speech problems, throat irritation, asthma, bronchitis, cold, cough and breathing problems. This is the Web point / vertex of letter V formed by thumb and index finger

Point 7 : Neck

This point is helpful in neck swelling & pain, neck stiffness, cervical spondylisis. For Cervical treatment press sides of thumb of both hands & foot.


Point 8 : Thyroid / Parathyroid glands

These glands play an important role in the development of the Child's body. Under working of these glands leads to weakness, rickets convulsion, teeth problems, twisting of muscles, and so the development of child is retarded. Over working of these glands leads to over-growth - bulging of eyes, goiter, protruding adam’s apple and tendency to become a bully. It also helps build human qualities like love, affection, capacity for high thinking etc.

Point 9 : Spine

It is backbone from head to tail. This is divided into 5 parts:

1. Cervical 7 parts separated with pad or disc.
2. Thoracic12 parts separated with pad or disc.
3. Lumber 5 parts separated with pad or disc.
4. Sacral 5 parts separated with pad or disc.
5. Coccyx 1 part separated with pad or disc.

The Coccyx has 5 joints fused together as one. The spine is very important part of the body. The spine related common problems are – cervical spondylisis, Lumber spondylisis, prolapsed disc or disc-slip. Every one should press the sides of the Spine to keep the spine healthy and specially when there is problem of spondylisis or disc slip.

Point 10 : Piles

This point is located at the bending point of the wrist under the thumb in both hands and at the lowest portion of the heel in feet. This point gives relief in piles. For the bleeding piles both the points 10 and 16 should be pressed. This also works as 2 way switch. Toward thumb for piles and towards elbow for gas relief.

Point 11 : Prostate

The point is located in males on the wrist and ankle towards thumb in both hand & feet. It is useful in Urine infection & inflammation, swelling in nerves, hernia, hydrocele, male problems and sexual desire. It balances heat in the body.

Point 12 : Uterus

It increases ova, balances heat, controls sweating, regularizes menstruation, very important and useful point for females for sexual desire, white discharge & leucorrhoea.

Reproductive System

Point 13 : Penis and Vagina

The reflex point of reproductive organ is located below point No. 11 & 12 on hands & foot. This very important point keeps male & female organs healthy to have pleasant & successful married life. This gives attraction against opposite sex. By pressing these points the males will not have the problem of disability and increase the erectibility & prevent semen discharge. In female it prevents leucorrhoea, white discharge, gives attraction towards males.

Point 14 : Ovary

This point is located on the wrist in the line of smaller finger in both hands & feet. It regulates menstruation period, prevents white discharge & leucorrhoea.

The regular & proper function of this organ & gland helps in maintaining the heat of the body. It starts attraction towards boys at the age of 11 to 14 yeas depending on individual girls. It brings soberness in nature and voice. Its improper function ruins the married life, making it miserable for bearing child. Also it may be responsible for psychological problems.

Point 15 : Testes

This is very important point in males, located on wrist towards smallest finger in both hands & feet. This gives attraction of a boy towards girls. It is responsible for nightmare, hydrocele, premature ejaculation, and semen's problem. Regulates body temperature. The proper function of this point makes happy married life with blessing of child.


Point 16 : Lymph

This gland is very important point in the body located at the center of the wrist in hands and in front of ankle in feet.

This is responsible for blood formation, nightmare, back pain, wound healing, arthritis & rheumatism, gout. Asthma, white discharge, leucorrhoea & tiredness.

This point must be pressed along with point No. 8 for any and all diseases. There should not be any pain. If there is needle like prinking pain, it may indicate for serious problems. This should be treated as main energy point.

Point 17 : Hip, Knee & Leg

This point is responsible for its organs. If it is divided in three parts, the upper part indicates leg, the middle knee and the lower part indicates hip point.

Point 18 : Urinary Bladder

This is responsible for less or frequent urination, urine infection, stone in bladder, bed-wetting in children. Also it helps better sexual life.


Point 19 : Small Intestine

It is responsible for stomach, gas formation and constipation, intestinal ulcer, for proper functioning of this point, the pit portion of the hand & foot should be rubbed. Pressed as tobacco is rubbed in hands. If there is ulcer, the point No. 16 also be pressed.

Point 20 : Large Intestine / Colon

This point is useful for constipation, stomach, loose motion, loss of appetite, hernia, mouth smell, skin irritation peptic ulcer, wound in the intestine. The foot point is more beneficial. In left foot press lower to upper and in right foot from upper to lower side of the points. This is also responsible to absorb vitamins B Complex and Vitamin C and proper carriage and movement of waste material received from small intestine.

Point 21 : Appendix

It is reflex point for energy and vitality and anti-aging. The appendix is the tube at the joint of small and large intestine at the bottom right of the stomach. This is useful in allergy, gastric, joint pain, diabetes, acne. It keeps the function of large intestine in order.

Point 22 : Gall Bladder

It is only one and situated slightly beneath liver on the right hand side of the body, behind bottom of the rib cage. Its function is to help the liver by storing and controlling the bile. This point is useful in vomiting, indigestion, mouth soreness, hair falling and frequent change in eyesight. It is very important point to control the anger and short temperament.


Point 23 : Liver

Liver is one and situated in right side and the reflex point is only in right hand & right foot. This is responsible for bile formation and supply to the digestive system. It keeps the stomach lubricated. It is useful in jaundice, diabetes, liver stone, indigestion, constipation, loss of appetite. The liver does not like anger and is fond of boiled food and sweets.

Point 24 : Shoulder

The reflex point is beneath the smallest finger in both hands and feet. This point can be divided in 3 parts. The upper is shoulder, middle is elbow and the lower part is hand. This is useful in cervical, dizziness, shoulder pain & frozen shoulder. Also useful in Eczema.

Point 25 : Pancreas

It is located in both hands & feet. This point can easily be traced in hands by folding the finger with loose grip below thyroid point No. 8, where the ring finger’s tip touches the hand, is pancreas. This produces Pancreatic Juice, which is very important for digestion of the food. Its insulin controls & balances the Sugar in the blood. It converts starch into glucose.

It is useful in indigestion, diabetes, low and high blood pressure muscular clotting and bad dreams.


Point 26 : Kidney

This is located in the rib cage in the line of elbow. The reflex point can be located by folding the fingers. Where the middle finger tip touches on hand, is the kidney point. It is very important part of the body.

It is the workshop in the body to clean & purify the blood. Healthy kidney controls the ageing and wrinkles on the face. The black spots appearing below the eyelids are sign of unhealthy kidney. It is responsible for back pain, diabetes, kidney stone, eye-problems, body swelling excessive uric acid, urea, skin diseases, lucoderma & epilepsy. It plays important role in sexual activities & courage, to control passion, desire, fear, bad dreams, selfishness etc. There is a saying if any body threatens a person to beat the reply comes as “let me see your dare as how big kidney you have”.

Point 27 : Stomach

This receives the food and keeps in it for pre-digestion of the food for 2 to 3 hours. It is useful in chest trunk inflamation, indigestion. Stomachache, appetite, ulcer, loose motion, acidity, gastric and stomach stiffness.

Point 28 : Adrenal

A cap type part on the kidney is adrenal. It balances almost all activities of the body. It is useful in bladder problem of urination, Excessive urination, high blood pressure, fat, Arthritis Nervousness & nervous weakness, breathing problem, joint pain, fever & cold. While treating adrenal, the point No. 8 and 28 also be treated in the beginning and at the end.

Point 29 : Solar Plexus

This is very important point to manage the digestive system. If the solar flex is not at its place, it should be treated first, before starting any acupressure treatment. Disorder of solar plexus results stomachache, trunk burning, chest pain, tiredness, back pain, measles & chicken pox. The solar plexus is a “brain” hidden in the stomach.


Point 30 : Lung

These large sacs are situated in the chest. The most obvious purpose of lung is to get Oxygen In & Carbon dioxide out. The lung creates and control mucous a necessary life substance. People who suffer from lung disorder often find themselves holding their breath or scarcely breathing at all. Chest congestion, cough & cold, sinus fever, Short breath are the results of lungs disorder. Walking bare foot is very useful for automatic acupressure of lungs.


Point 31 : Ears

This point is useful in loss of hearing, deaf ness, ear pain, irritation, ear wound, ear ringing. Pt. No.16 also be treated along with ear point.

Point 32 : Energy

This is important point for energy & vitality. This is useful in tiredness. To slow down the ageing the center point in between wrist and elbow of right hand be pressed for 40 to 60 seconds once every day. This works as body charger.

Point 33 : Ear nerves

This is responsible for nerves of the ears, swelling in ear and sides near the ears, dryness in the ears and ear pain.

Point 34 : Cold

As its name represents, it is responsible for sneezing, cold & cough, nostril blockage, getting cold, sinus and bone extension in the nostril. To get better relief from above problems, the point No. 6,7,8 and the side & tips of all 20 fingers are pressed with hand or jimmy. The sides of the fingers are responsible for teeth problems & be treated simultaneously.


Point 35 : Eyes

The root parts of the index and middle fingers in both hands and feet, making horseshoe shape represents the eyes. This is responsible and useful for eye redness, cataract, and water in eyes, eye flue and all type of eye problems. If this point is treated regularly the eyesight can be improved and one can get rid off spectacles.

Heart & Spleen

Point 36 : Heart

This is very important part in the body situated on the left side in the rib cage. The reflex point is only in the left hand & foot. It works as pumping station to supply the blood in the body. Any disorder of the heart results short breathing, fast or slow palpitation, asthma, nerves stiffness, headache, hypertension, heart enlargement & blockage. This point should be pressed gently.

Point 37 : Spleen

This is situated underneath the heart to have shortest distance from the heart. It works as treatment plant for the treatment of the blood. It burns the defective and dead blood cells.

Increases the red blood corpuscle (RBC). It is useful in Malaria fever, blackness under the eyes, body swelling, and excessive sleep ness after meals, excess urea, black fever, breathing problem, asthma, and stomachache. Also its turns the uric acid useful for digestion.

Point 38 : Thymus

This is natural-nature’s mother of children, responsible for over all body development. It gives energy to fight the body against diseases. It works for 15 to 16 years of age and disappears automatically. This is useful for fare complexion, energy and eyes twinkling.

Method of Acupressure

Before starting the acupressure, the following preparation will be more beneficial.


Before starting the acupressure Footbath is to be done. This is nature-cure method. Hot water having comfortable temperature from 35 to 400 C is taken in a bucket. A small teaspoonful of common salt is added to it. Both foot are put in the bucket. If water temperature comes down, more hot water is added to it, so much that it is tolerable to the body. The footbath is done for 5 to 10 minutes. During the process of footbath wet towel must be kept on the head so that head remains cool. In summer season, the fan is not to be used during the footbath. After 15 minutes the foot is to be cleaned / wiped with towel and covered with dry towel so that no external air come in contact for another 15 minutes, otherwise the blood in veins may freeze. Veins may become brittle.

When Patient is bed-ridden

The natural way of footbath as above may not be possible when the patient is bed-ridden. Under such condition the attendant or the acupressure therapist should wipe the hand and foot of the patient with towel wet in hot water and squeezed for 4-5 times. By doing this, the crystal at the acupressure points will be soft and will have less pain. The foreign / toxin material will be discharged easily
and quickly. Thus acupressure treatment will give faster relief to the patient.

The following Precautions and Methods are to be followed while giving acupressure treatment:

  1. 1. The patient and acupressure therapist should not have projected nails. If so, it should be cut.
  2. 2. The patient shall lie peacefully on the bed. First of all the back of the head from where cervical point starts, be pressed around by thumb pressure to make the brain alert for acupressure.
  3. Now rub/warm up any one foot sole and fingers. Warming up may be done dry or with any oil like sesame (Til) oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc. By warming up, the patient will feel lesser pain in acupressure process.
  4. Start from the brain point No. 1, i.e. tips of the toe. Apply the jimmy or thumb pressure in such a way that the patient feels just a bearable pain. A pen or pencil can also be used to apply the pressure. This process shall be done for 15-20 times from 5 to 7 seconds. It shall be noted that the pressure is not applied on bones and it should be bearable.
  5. After this press points No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 i.e. one by one pituitary, pineal, brain nerves to neck all together as applied for point No.1 above. To press these points it will take 20-30 seconds. The intensity of pressure may be varied depending on the bearing capacity of patient.
  6. Now give pressure clock-wise on point No. 8, thyroid and parathyroid, the most important point for the whole body activity. This is the complete raised area below the thumb root. Give one minute time at this point.
  7. After this press point no. 9, 10 and 16 to 38. Here no sequence is required. This will cover complete sole reflex point for spine, lymph, knee, bladder, kidney, lever, gall bladder, pancreas, intestine, lungs, solar plexus, spleen, heart, energy points etc. Also press the lower parts of the finger, which will cover eyes, ears, cold sinus etc.
  8. Now apply pressure on points no. 11, 12, 13 on inner side of the ankle and. It is to be noted that jimmy is not to be used here. Only thumb pressure is to be applied.
  9. Now gentle pressure is to be applied on the upper part of foot at ankle joint. Also from side toe to heel. This will cover the, spine, lymph and reproductive organ points.
  10. Now press gently the gap between toe and index finger, and between all fingers from finger roots to the ankle joint. These are called CHANNEL points.
    Special Attention is to be given on the points which are affected by cancer-such as, if liver or lung is affected, then liver pt. No. 23 (in right leg only) and 30. be pressed completely for longer period according to patients bearing capacity. While doing the pressure on one foot, it may take 20 minutes and the patient may sleep let him/her sleep. Continue the acupressure gently.
  11. Now take next foot. Rub/Warm up. Do the acupressure as already done for first foot. The acupressure therapist will have to devote about 40 minutes time with great patience on both feet.
  12. Repeat similar acupressure process on both hands. Palm, wrist channels and the sides covering all 38 reflex points. It will take 20 minutes.
  13. Now the patient should lie down on the stomach. Apply oil on the back from neck to tail bone from cervical C1 to coyx on spine. Do acupressure from cervical C1 to coyx up & down by both thumbs one by one. Repeat this up & down process for 15 to 20 times. Also the sides of the spine should be rubbed up & down by thumb pressure. Spine roller (acupressure gadget) also may be used for spinal acupressure.
    If one cannot do acupressure with thumb and spine roller, then Wooden Bread Roller used in every kitchen may be used for spine acupressure. To apply oil on spine the cloth of the patient will have to be removed. It is to be seen, therefore, if patient’s condition allows to remove the cloth, only then cloth should be removed. Otherwise acupressure can be done over the cloth. The acupressurist has to take decision depending on the condition of the patient.
    The acupressure on spine will give faster relief on affected local organs.
  14. LOCKING : After acupressure treatment is completed, Thyroid point on both hands should be locked, by pressing at the center (Pt. No. 8) for 30 seconds on each hand. By locking the affect of the acupressure will last long.

In this way the acupressure of all organs, glands and hormones of the whole body will be done. The patient may feel comfortable immediately after only one time acupressure. However, certain parts may have pain for 3-4 days. It is to be noted that it will always give benefits and no side effect at all.

I have written the acupressure method in quite detail, so that even a layman can start doing acupressure to the patient just by following the instructions in this book. However, in case of doubts guidance from trained acupressure therapist may be taken. I hope that the reader can do the acupressure confidently without any trouble.


Acupressure- How many times and at what Pressure?

If the patient is bed-ridden at least two times should be done. If two times is not possible to the near and dear of the patient acupressure should be done once in 24 hrs without fail.

The pressure, to do acupressure depends on the physical condition of the patient. The pressure applied should be bearable to the patient. This can be observed by the face reading of the patient. Slowly and slowly the patient will start getting relief and the pressure can be increased day by day.


It must be remembered that the jimmy or pencil should be used on palm and soles only. On other parts of the body thumb pressure should be applied gently. It is again mentioned that the person doing the acupressure and the patient, both should cut the nails properly. If thumb gets tired, then round handle side of the wooden bread roller may be used vertically, for acupressure on the sides of the
spine and hips. The spinal cord is not to be pressed. However each and every joint of the spine may be gently rubbed across.



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