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Rashmi Rastogi
(Authorized Stockist of Toronto)
Phone : 416-332-0948
Email : rrdxn2u@gmail.com,

Health Consultant

Rashmi Rastogi (Reflexologist)

Dr. D.D. Choudhary (MBBS,
MD Alternative medicine)

Dr. D.N.Dubey (Naturopath)

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List of Questions:
1. What is the uniqueness of DXN Pink Guava compared to other brand?
2. Is this beverage suitable for pregnant women?
3. What is the difference between normal guava and pink guava in terms of nutrition benefit?
4. Besides drinking diluted DXN Pink Guava with water, what are the alternative ways to consume DXN Pink Guava?
What is the uniqueness of DXN Pink Guava compared to other brand?
DXN Pink Guava is manufactured by DXN Industries Sdn. Bhd. The